SINTEK Logistics provides the highest level of service to its customers by packing, storing, following Ata Carnet transactions and most importantly, transporting your materials on time for exhibition transportation.

SINTEK Logistics has proven its experience and know how in the field of exhibition transport by making fair organizations of all companies in the SINTEK group.

We always serve you with the quality of SINTEK Logistics at all your fairs & organizations in Europe, Asia, America, Australia and the Middle East.

  • We can provide all the services of packaging of materials, lashing, storage and transport organizations in Turkey
  • Delivery, installation and dismantling services of your materials to the international fair area
  • Providing the most suitable type of transportation mode to our customers
  • Follow up ATA CARNET procedures

Fast Tracking System

You can easily track where your cargos are with our fast tracking system.